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How to Add Notifications to Onboarding

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This article is an excerpt from another article: Complete Guide to Notifications for Onboarding

Navigating to Onboarding Notifications
  • Click Administration from the top menu bar of Onboarding.


  • In the Administration menu, click the Notifications tab.


  • From the Notifications page, you will see any existing Notifications.


  • Click Add Notification.


  • Select the Process Step from the drop-down menu:
    • New Hire Setup - Also referred to as the Welcome Email and is sent to the new hire's email address. Will trigger when the employee is added to Onboarding either manually or through the Applicant Tracking System.
    • Onboarding Complete - Used to notify the new hire they have completed their Onboarding
    • Manager Notification of Pending Paperwork - Used to notify the Manager that a New Hire has completed their Onboarding paperwork and it is pending completion.
    • New Hire Reminder - Used to remind the new hire that they have yet to complete or submit their new hire paperwork.
    • Hiring Manager Reminder - Used to remind the hiring manager to complete their process.


  • Use the checkbox for "Custom Notification" to customize the email subject and body.
    • Use options from the mail merge drop-down to auto-fill certain items based on either existing information or user-filled information. Mail merge fields must be inserted from the drop-down menu. Manually typing mail merge code will not function properly.


  • If using "New Hire Reminder" or "Hiring Manager Reminder", select the frequency to be used (e.g. Daily, Every 2 Days, Weekly)


  • Select the notification recipients (e.g. Email New Hire, Email Hiring Manager, Email HR Admin)


  • Enter any emails of additional recipients (separate emails with a semicolon).


  • Click Add.



  • The email sent for the "New Hire Setup" notification is different from a secondary email that contains their account verification, username information, and password creation instructions for Onboarding. Customizing the "New Hire/Welcome Email" does not affect the account verification email.
  • If editing the New Hire Welcome Email, it is best to keep/provide information that a secondary email will be sent from "" for the Onboarding Account Verification 
  • If you are using Kiosk Mode, the New Hire Welcome Email and New Hire Account Verification email will not be sent. Kiosk Mode allows the new hire to complete their paperwork at the location and does not need to log in to the Onboarding website. 
  • The "Manager Notification of Pending Paperwork" notification will let managers know that the new hire has completed their portion of the paperwork and that the manager has a pending item within their "Manage Action Items" on Onboarding to complete. 
  • Ensure only one notification is set up per process step (e.g. If multiple notifications exist for "New Hire Setup", new hires will receive multiple welcome emails.).
  • For Reminder emails, email notifications will begin one day after the original assignment (e.g. If the “Daily” option was selected from the frequency dropdown and a new hire was assigned paperwork on Monday, the New Hire would receive a reminder email on Tuesday and each day thereafter until the paperwork is completed.).
  • Use the “Incomplete New Hire List” mail merge field for the Hiring Manager Reminder notification to provide a list of all New Hires with outstanding paperwork that is assigned to the Hiring Manager. Using this list provides clarity to the Hiring Manager without sending multiple notifications.
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