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How to Load Arcoro Content Bundle

The "Load Arcoro Bundle" area is for loading online content provided by Training ABC and ClickSafety.

If you have not purchased a Training ABC and/or ClickSafety course bundle and are interested in doing so, please contact your account manager for more information.

Navigating to Load Arcoro Content Bundle
  • From Talent Management, click Account Admin from the menu near the top-right.


  • Click LMS Setup to open the menu, then click Load Arcoro Content Bundle.


How to Load a Course Bundle

  1. Click to expand the option and view a list of online content provided in the purchased course bundle.


  2. Use the checkboxes to select each course you would like to add to the course catalog


  3. If the courses selected belong to a specific category, select the appropriate category in the Category drop-down menu. If a category is not selected, the courses will be added directly to the course catalog with no category assignment. If the category is not listed, you can refer to the Complete Guide to Categories for Talent Management


  4. Click Upload

Where To See The Loaded Course

  • From the Learning Management System, click Course Catalog.


  • The loaded course will appear on the right-hand side. Clicking the course title will allow you to view additional information.


  • If the course had a category associated when it was loaded, you can filter the course list to only courses with the associated category.


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