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Employee Profile Overview for Core HR

The Employee Profile provides a small snapshot of an employee, from their benefits information, time off, annual salary history, and more. The information displayed from the Profile tab are reliant on other Employee pages.

Navigating to Profile Page for an Employee
  • From the menu, expand Employee and click Profile.


  • If already viewing an employee profile, click the Profile tab.


The following windows/components are displayed for the selected employee:

  • Employee Card - The employee card found towards the top of an employee profile with information such as their contact information, job information, etc.
  • Benefit Information - The employees current benefits.
  • Time Off Summary - A summary of the employee's time off information such as their current balance, time off hours granted, etc.
  • Performance Review History - A chart/comparison of an employee's performance review.
  • Position History - A listing of the employee's positions from when they started to their current position.
  • Annual Salary History - A chart of the employee's annual salary.


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