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Dependents and Beneficiaries Overview for Core HR

Dependents are people that can be covered by a plan such as a spouse or a child. If pet coverage is offered, then pets can also be added.

Beneficiaries are people or entities that can receive a benefit such as life insurance.

Navigating to Dependents & Beneficiaries

From the menu, expand Employee, expand Benefits, then click Dependents & Beneficiaries.


If you are already viewing an employee's profile, it can be found by hovering over Benefits and clicking Dependents & Beneficiaries.


The "Dependents and Beneficiaries" will list any previously added dependents and/or beneficiaries.

From this page, you will see columns displaying:

  • Dependent/Beneficiary/Trust/Pet Name
  • SSN
  • Birth Date
  • Relationship
  • Eligible for Dependent and/or Beneficiary
  • Columns for selecting an entry/record.



From the "Dependents and Beneficiaries" screen, you can add any of the following from the Actions drop-down menu:


Add Dependent

Learn how to add a dependent to an employee profile with the following article.

Add Beneficiary

Learn how to add a beneficiary to an employee profile with the following article.

Add Trust

Learn how to add trust to an employee profile with the following article.

Add Pet

Learn how to add a pet to an employee profile with the following article.

Deleting Selected Records

  • To delete a record, select the existing record with the checkbox(es) to the far right of the record.


  • Use the Actions drop-down menu and click Delete Selected Records.


  • You will see a modal like below to confirm the deletion of the selected records. Click Yes to confirm.


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