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ACA Profile - Measurement Periods Tab in Core HR

The "Measurement Periods" tab gives the user a quick and easy-to-read snapshot of an employees Lookback/Measurement Period.

Navigating to ACA Profile

From the menu, expand Employee, expand Benefits, then click ACA Profile.


If you are already viewing an employee's profile, it can be found by hovering over Benefits and clicking ACA Profile.



Offering Coverage

This tab will also give the user the ability to offer medical coverage directly to qualifying employees by clicking Offer Coverage from the Actions drop-down menu.


The "Offer Coverage" function will enroll the selected employee in the default lowest cost medical plan that is marked as a Qualified Health Plan. By using the Offer Coverage function, four processes will initiate:

  1. The system will verify the Measurement Period.
    • If a Measurement Period does not exist, the system will produce an error stating there is no current Measurement Period and to stop the Offer Coverage process.


    • Note: You will not see any employee data loaded under “Measurement Periods” until the employee has completed their “Initial Measurement.
  2. The employee will be enrolled in the default lowest cost Qualified Health Plan
    • If there are no Qualified Health Plans acknowledged, the system will produce an error stating there are no "eligible benefits" and the process will not complete.
    • A Medical Plan is considered eligible when the “This plan is a Qualified Health Plan” has been selected at the plan level


    • To mark your medical plans as a Qualified Health Plan, follow steps below:
    • From the menu, go to Settings > Benefit Management > click into applicable package > click “Step 2 – Configure Benefit Structure" > click into applicable Medical Plan Name > scroll half way down the screen, and check box marked "This plan meets Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) as defined by the ACA"


  3. An "ACA Status Change Event" window opens for the employee, and is available for the duration of the Administrative Period
    • The event will display under Employee > Employee Homepage > Enrollment Windows.
    • If the administrator offers coverage after the Administrative Period, the Activation/Deactivation date will need editing.
  4. The employee's ACA Employee Status will change to "Full Time".
    • From the menu, go to Employee > Demographic Info > Employee.


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