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ACA Profile - Employee Status History Tab in Core HR

The Employee Status History Module allows you to track and record the historical and current statuses of your employees, as well as offer medical coverage to qualifying employees by clicking the Offer Coverage button.

When thinking about the Employee Status History, we should ensure that all employees have at least one line of data here representing the employee's Hire Date. If the employee was terminated, we should see at least 2 lines of data here; one line representing the employee's Hire Date, and one line representing the Employee's Termination Date. If the employee had changed their status (i.e. Part Time to Full Time, or Full Time to Part Time), and was terminated, we should see at least 3 lines of data.

For example:

  1. 01/01/2015 | Part Time | Part Time | Inactive (Hire Date)
  2. 05/01/2015 | Full Time | Full Time | Active (Status Change Date(PT to FT))
  3. 08/15/2015 | Terminated | Full Time | Inactive (Termination Date)

The Employee Status History is used to produce accurate tax codes on the 1095s, meaning it is imperative that we have this information correctly updated.

When changing an employee in the Employee's Demographic Info we should set the Change Effective Date to the date the status change is effective for the employee. Once you make the status change, set the Change Effective Date, and click Save Employee Info, the changes and date will be mapped to the Employee Status History.

Navigating to ACA Profile

From the menu, expand Employee, expand Benefits, then click ACA Profile.


If you are already viewing an employee's profile, it can be found by hovering over Benefits and clicking ACA Profile.


From the ACA Profile tab, click the Employee Status History tab.



Updating Employee Status Historical Records


  • Start & End Date - Date in which a change in Employee, ACA, or Benefit Status takes place. This field will keep a historical change log that will be used to generate accurate 1095 forms.
  • Employee Status - Used to track and record the status of an employee internally, this field will dictate if an employee is included in the 1095/1094 reporting if the employee is marked as Full Time.
  • ACA Employee Status - Used to track and record the ACA status of the employee, this field will dictate if an employee is included in the 1095/1094 reporting.
  • Benefit Status - Drop-down menu consisting of labels to track and record employees' past and current benefit status. 
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