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Field Notes Not Syncing to ExakTime Connect

While reviewing field notes on ExakTime Connect, you may notice that field notes from your ExakTime Mobile users are not appearing as expected. Field notes created by your employees on ExakTime Mobile will only be sent through a sync, which can be done either automatically or manually.

If you have not received your employee's ExakTime Mobile field notes, try the following troubleshooting steps on the device used to create the field notes:

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Check if Field Notes Were Saved Elsewhere

Check if Field Notes Were Saved or Sent


Check if Field Notes Were Saved Elsewhere

Before investigating outside of ExakTime Connect, it can help to double-check other places in ExakTime Connect where field notes can be.

Review Field Notes Page

The field notes page of ExakTime Connect is where all field notes can be initially reviewed and should be the first place to check. It may be possible that field notes may have been saved for an entity that you are not expecting. 

  • Go to Tools and click Field Notes.


  • Review the field notes that have been received and have not been removed from this page. If the field note was removed, then check the Field Notes tab of an entity.


Review Field Notes of an Entity

If the field notes were removed from the Field Notes page, they can still be reviewed from the Field Notes tab of the Entities details.

  • Navigate to the Entity (Employee, Location, Cost Code, or Equipment) list.
  • Click the blue pencil icon to the left of the entity in the respective list.


  • Click the Field Notes tab.


  • You should see any field notes associated with the currently viewed entity. If a field note is deleted from this page, then 


Use Field Notes Report

Field notes can be reviewed with a report to view all current field notes. We have detailed the basic process below, but if you would like a better breakdown of the report, you can refer to our dedicated article.

Check if Field Notes Were Saved or Sent

It is important to first check the device that the field notes were created on to confirm if the field notes were saved and/or sent. This can only be checked through the History page for Field Notes in ExakTime Mobile.

  • Press in the top-left and press Field Notes.


  • Press the History tab.


  • Make sure that the field note you were expecting is listed in the history tab. If the field note is not listed, then the field note may have not been saved by the employee. If the field note was not saved originally, the photo, comments, and voice notes entered for the field note will be gone. 


  • If the field note was sent, the words 'Sent' will appear in the field notes icon. If this icon appears, then the field note was sent and should be present in ExakTime Connect for review.


Sync Device Manually

Unlike Time Punches which can be sent after being created, field notes are only sent during an automatic or manual sync. In the event that

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