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Creating Field Notes in ExakTime Connect

Field Notes can be created in ExakTime Connect to provide additional information relating to an employee/location/cost code for future reference. Field Notes created in ExakTime Connect can only provide text notes. 

If you would like to attach pictures or audio files to a field note, you must create the field note in ExakTime Mobile.

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Creating Field Notes from Field Notes Page

  • Go to Tools and click Field Notes. You should see previously created/received field notes if any.



  • Click Add a Field Note.


  • Specify the type of field note, the subject (the entity the field note is related to), and a short comment.
    • The type of field note must be selected first before you can select the subject.
    • Photos and voice notes cannot be added to a field note from ExakTime Connect.
  • Click Done to save your field note.

Creating Field Notes from an Entity Profile

  • Go to Manage and go to an entity list.


  • Click the pencil icon towards the left of an entity.


  • Click the Field Notes tab.


  • Click Add a Field Note.


  • Enter a text note for the field note and click Done.
    • The type of field note cannot be changed, a photo cannot be uploaded and an audio note cannot be added. 


  • Save your new field note.


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