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Required Updates for ONB to Core HR API Users with 2023 AZ State Tax Forms

If you are currently utilizing the ONB – Core HR API and the AZ State tax form, updates to the State Tax configurations within Core HR are required.

Configuring State Taxes Info Settings for AZ

Core HR Admins with access to state configurations will navigate to the "Configure State Tax Settings" page. If you are unfamiliar with this page, you can expand the following section.

Navigating to State Taxes
  • Expand Setup and click Setup Properties from the menu.


  • Hover over Employee Portal Setup and click Employee Portal.


  • Click the Quick Links tab.


  • Click the Configure State Tax Info link.


From the Settings tab, select Arizona and add the following required percentages to the "Percentage Withholding Options".

  • 0.5%
  • 1.0%
  • 1.5%
  • 2.0%
  • 2.5%
  • 3.0%
  • 3.5%


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