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Creating Benefit Records for Open Enrollment

When a new Benefit Package is created, benefit records are not automatically created for employees. However, in order to enroll employees in benefits for a new Benefit Year, benefit records must first be created for each employee.

Note: It is most efficient to create benefit records only after all Cost information has been updated for the Benefit Package, and any other structural changes are made. It is also best to create the benefit records closer to the start of the OE in order to capture the most current elections

  • Expand Settings and click Benefit Management from the menu.


  • Click Plan Utilities from the ribbon near the top of the page.


  • Step 1 – Select Utility tab


    • Select the option "Create Benefit Records".
    • Enter the date of your new Benefit Year (i.e. 01/01/2011)
    • If you created a Rollover Mapping from a previous article and WISH TO ROLLOVER COVERAGES from a previous year, then check the box for "Use the following Rollover Mapping and then select the name of the Rollover Mapping that you created".
    • Click Save and Continue when finished.
  • Step 2 – Select Plans tab


    • Select the new package or specific plans that you want to create new benefit records for.
    • Pro Tip: If a benefit is dependent on another benefit, you have to run the utility for the parent benefit before running the utility for the dependent benefit so that the system can consider the dependencies when creating the record.
    • Click Save and Continue when finished.
  • Step 3 – Run Utility


    • You will see a summary of how the plan utility is configured, i.e., what it is about to do.
    • Click Run Utility to create the new benefit records or return to previous tabs if changes are needed.

Please Note: Depending upon the number of employees, number of benefits, and complexity of eligibility rules being processed, the Benefit Eligibility Processing may take several hours to complete. As a general rule, please allocate one hour per benefit for every 1000 employees that will be processed. If processing over 3000 employees, we recommend processing one or two benefits at a time by repeating steps 3-7 until all benefits are processed.

As benefit plans are processed, entries are made in the Audit Log indicating the Start and End Date/Times associated with the Processing. As a result, the Audit Log can be used to track the progress of the processing or to confirm if a Benefit Plan successfully completed processing. For more information about the audit log, you can refer to the following article.

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