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Creating a Rollover Mapping for Open Enrollment

By default, when benefit records are created for a new Benefit Package, employees are assigned to a default coverage level. This configurable coverage level is typically a waiver or guaranteed issue coverage level.

When creating a new Benefit Package, it may be desirable to map employee coverages from one Benefit Year to the next so that employees automatically maintain their existing levels of coverage. This mapping exercise is accomplished through the creation of a Rollover Mapping within the system.

Pro Tip: For contribution-based benefits such as HSA, FSA, DFSA, 401k, our best practice is to import instead of rolling over. Do not include these in your mapping, instead, pull a benefits export and import back in for the new package year.

  • Expand Settings and click Benefit Management from the menu.


  • Click Rollover Mappings from the ribbon near the top of the page.


  • Click Add New Rollover Mapping from the Actions drop-down menu.
  • Follow the steps of the Wizard to create a new Rollover Mapping.
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