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Creating an Open Enrollment Window for Employees

If you will be utilizing the Employee Portal for your employees to enroll in benefits, then you must create an Event Window for employees to access the Open Enrollment (OE) Event.

  • Expand Settings and click Benefit Management from the menu.


  • Click Create OE Window from the ribbon near the top of the page.


  • Set up your open enrollment window with:


    • Activation Date - The Activation Date is the day (at midnight) the Open Enrollment event will be available to employees in the dropdown Event box on the Employee Portal.
    • Deactivate Date - The Deactivation Date is the day (at 11:59 PM) the window will close, or no longer be available to employees in the Event dropdown box on the Employee Portal. 
    • Package - This will drive which benefit package employees are making elections for.
    • Employee Group - The Employee Group determines which employees should have open enrollment. If the window should be open for all employees select '- All Employees -'. 
      • Click Manage Groups to set up or edit an existing employee group. For more information about employee groups, you can refer to the following article.
      • If you already have an Open Enrollment group from a previous year, you can edit the name and populate it for this year.
      • Verify that the Eligibility rule applied references the group of employees who should be eligible to see the OE window
  • Click Process and Create Windows when finished. This will create an Open Enrollment Window for each employee that passes the eligibility rule on the Employee Group created and applied.

Send Open Enrollment Message to Employees

You may email an Open Enrollment message to employees to notify them of the window for enrollment.

  • Expand Setup and click Setup Properties from the menu.
  • Hover over Employee Portal Setup and click Employee Management.


  • Click the Communications tab.


  • Use the same Employee Group that was used for the Open Enrollment window, enter a subject for the email and your email text. Click Send Test Message to send a preview of the email to your work email address. Click Send Message when finished.


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