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Reviews Tab for Reviews

The Reviews tab provides a look at the status of each review and allows you to print completed forms.

Filter options allow you to search by:

  • Date range
  • Position
  • Manager of employees

To access Reviews, expand Settings from the menu, expand Performance Management, and click Reviews. Then click the Reviews tab.



Clicking on the reviewer name will bring up properties for that review.

  • If the review has not been completed and the reviewer or review form needs to be changed, you can use the drop-down menus here to make those changes.
  • If the review has been completed but changes need to be made you can:
    • Change the score by typing in a new score and selecting to override then hit save
    • Reset the review form by clicking the "x" next to the "Date Completed" then clicking Save Review Record. This will change the status and remove scores.


Clicking the name of the review form will allow you to preview the results of the completed review forms without printing them.


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