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General - General Settings for Core HR

The General Settings page allows you to configure system-wide settings which include some autoprocessing, security and ID settings, PDF settings, Notification settings, Certain NEW Hire/Open Enrollment settings, and Benefit Screen display settings.

Navigating to General Settings
  • Expand 'Setup' and click Setup Properties from the menu.



Navigate employee portal users directly into Open Enrollment/New Hire Event after logging in for first time (must have active Event Window)
Checking this box forces the Employee to complete the event before exploring the rest of the Employee Homepage.
Enable PDF printing on Employee Portal (if not enabled then will default to ActiveX) & Enable PDF printing on Administration Portal (if not enabled then will default to ActiveX)
If you enable printing via PDF, then Adobe PDF Reader will print your document.  If you do not select the second and third options, printing will be handled natively by the browser.  By using Adobe PDF Reader, you can take advantage of the advanced features from the Adobe software.
Close "Open Enrollment/New Hire" window once Event is completed
Once the Employee completes their event, the event window will close, and they will not be able to access the event without Admin intervention.
Do not allow duplicate Employee ID's
Selecting ‘Do not allow duplicate Employee IDs' will not allow you to save Employee Demographic information when duplicate IDs exist.
Auto Increment Employee ID starting at ____________
Selecting ‘Auto Increment Employee ID’ allows Core HR to assist in generating Employee IDs starting at the entered number.
Mask the employee SSN on the Employee Search box
This setting is not typically used, but if the client is concerned about seeing the full SSN in the Employee Search box, they could use this feature.
Receive failure notifications via email during alert processing
Checking this box will allow you to manage which people are notified about failures during alert processing.  Their email addresses are entered in the ‘Email List’ field.
Automatically process employees as New Hires when added to the system (bypassing the New Hire Eligibility List)
  • Do not deliver automated email as part of this process
  • Send email notifications when new hire auto-processing occurs.
    • If you automatically process employees as New Hires, the employee will bypass the New Hire Eligibility List, and the client can choose to suppress or automate emails to the employee. The emails sent to the employee as part of this process are the email with their username and account verification steps, and the email with their New Hire Enrollment Window dates.
Automatically process employees as Terminations when a Termination Date is set on the employee record (bypassing the Termination Eligibility List)
We do not recommend bypassing the termination eligibility list as this removes the option for the Admin to review the termination prior to processing.  Additionally, our best practice for terming Employee's is to do so through the Benefits menu, even if they do not have benefit management with us.  Terminating through Benefits > Benefits automatically updates all Status (Employee, Benefit, and ACA if applicable), as well as allows the Term Date, Reason for Termination, and ability to lock the Employee's account, all in one place.  If a client just has the Core HR module, but later adds Benefit Management or ACA, we prefer to get them in the habit of using this best practice way of terminating employees versus having to re-train them if additional modules are added.
Mask email sender name for system generated emails
Checking this box allows you to create the email name that displays when Core HR sends an email from the system.  Enter the email the client would like used in the 'Email Name Mask' field.
Benefit Screen - Default Start Month/Day
The Benefit Screen – Default Start Month/Day allows you to configure the screen if your benefits start in a different Month/Day than January 1.
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