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General - Employers for Core HR

The Employers screen provides the ability to manage Employers for the HRIS Account. At a minimum, at least one Employer must exist on this screen. However, more Employers can be added in the event that the organization is a multi-employer organization.

If the Employee Count value for an Employer is greater than zero, then the Employer will not be allowed to be deleted from this screen. Employees must first be moved to another Employer before an Employer record can be deleted.

Employees can be associated (or disassociated) with Employers defined on this screen via the Employer Mapping tab of the Employee Demographic screen.

Navigating to Employers
  • Expand 'Setup' and click Setup Properties from the menu.


  • Hover over 'General' and click Employers.



The Actions drop-down menu allows you to:


  • Add
  • Delete Selected Records
  • Employee Mapping Utility

Adding an Employer

  • Click Add from the Actions drop-down menu on the Employers page.
  • Enter the required information for an employer:


    • Employer Name
    • DBA Name - "Doing Business As"
    • Street Address
    • City
    • Zipcode
    • Federal Tax ID
    • Year Established
    • Last Payroll #
  • Click Save.

Employee Mapping Utility

The employee mapping utility allows you to map multiple employees to an employer based on their employee group.

  • Click Employee Mapping Utility from the Actions drop-down menu on the Employers page.
  • Select either all employees or the employee group then select the employer to associate with.


  • Click Map Employees to Employer.
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