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Employee Settings Tab for Administrators in Core HR

The 'Employee Settings' tab tells the system which employees, classified by type, department, cost center, etc. the administrator should be able to view. The permissions work on hierarchy. If an administrator has access to one employee type and no departments or cost centers, that administrator will have access to all employees under that type. If an employee is under the administrator's access in type or department, that administrator may look the individual up and see their demographics, work history benefits, or any other instance allowed on page settings.

This tab can also be configured at the 'Security Role' level so any Administrators with the security role can only access specific employees.

The 'Limit this Administrator's access to employees by excluding any employees who do not meet ALL of the Administrator's Employee Permissions' setting from the 'General Settings' tab will reverse how this section works if the permission is enabled.

Expand for Navigation Steps to Employee Settings
  1. Expand 'Setup' and click Administrators from the menu.

    CHR - Setup - Compliance - Menu - 02.png

  2. Click the name of an administrator.


  3. Click the Employee Settings tab.

    CHR - Administrators - Settings - Employee - 00.png

Configure the 'Employee Settings' tab by using the provided checkboxes. Some sections/fields are dependent on user-defined fields as well.


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