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Copy Administrator Permissions to Another in Core HR

The 'Copy Permission' utility allows you to copy the permission from one Administrator to another. This makes it easier to set up one administrator and copy their permissions and settings to others. You must have 2 or more active administrators to see and use this utility.

If the administrator you are copying from has a security role assigned, the security role will transfer to the destination administrator.

Expand for Navigation Steps to Administrators
  • Expand 'Setup' and click Administrators from the menu.

    CHR - Setup - Compliance - Menu - 02.png

Copying Permissions

  1. Click Copy Permissions.

    CHR - Administrators - Menu - Copy Permissions - 00.png

  2. Select the administrator to ‘Copy From’ with the drop-down list.

    CHR - Administrators - Copy Permissions - 01.png

  3. Select the administrator profile(s) to 'Copy To' with the provided checkbox(es).

    CHR - Administrators - Copy Permissions - 03.png

  4. Click Copy.

    CHR - Administrators - Copy Permissions - 06.png

  5. Click Confirm to begin copying the administrator permissions to the others.


  6. The Admin permissions settings will be copied to the selected Admin(s). You will receive a confirmation when the process is complete.

    CHR - Administrators - Copy Permissions - 07.png

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