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Overview of Administrators for Core HR

Once an Employee Record exists in the system, that Employee can be given Administrator access, allowing permissions to manage the software, make changes, update Employee records, etc. This is typically necessary for Admins or Human Resources staff who manage their Employee's data within the system

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  • Expand 'Setup' and click Administrators from the menu.

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Requirements for Administrators

Before you can set up an Administrator's permissions, the employee record must be set to an Administrator first. This setting can be found under the 'Utilities' section of the employee record. By default, the new administrator will be inactive and have no Admin permissions.

Only the Employee Record must exist to be set up as an Administrator. The employee's username does not need to be generated yet. This can help you set up an Administrator before they can log in to Core HR.

Understanding the Menu

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The page will provide the following columns:

  • Name - The name of the administrator. Clicking their name will allow you to edit their permissions.
  • Active
  • Approval Admin - The administrator has been set to receive emails for events that require approvals.
  • Contact Admin - The administrator has been set to show their contact information on the employee portal.
  • Security Role - Admins with no security role assigned are displayed in the table view with 'Custom' in the Security Role column. This means the Admin has customized settings at the Admin level.

The 'Filter' drop-down menu lets you filter your administrator list based on their active status.


The 'Copy Permissions' button allows you to copy the permissions of one admin to another. More information about the process is detailed in the following article.

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Adjusting Administrator Permissions

  1. Click on the Administrator’s name that needs to be configured and walk through the Settings tabs. 


  2. The available Settings tabs for an administrator are listed below with links to additional resources:


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