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EEO-1 Compliance for Core HR

The EEO-1 Report is a compliance survey mandated by federal statutes and regulations. The survey requires company employment data to be categorized by race/ethnicity, gender, and job category. The EEO-1 page within the Compliance menu allows you to configure the information that is going to be included in the EEO-1 printed report.

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Navigating to EEO-1 Compliance
  • From the menu, expand Setup and click Setup Properties.


  • Hover over Compliance in the top menu bar and click EEO-1.


The EEO-1 section consists of 7 tabs that correlate to the 7 sections on the EEO-1 report. Each section should be completed as you would like it to be printed on the report.

Configuring EEO-1 Report

Section A - Type of Report


Section B - Company Identification


Section C - Employers Required to File


Section D - Category/Ethnicity/Gender


Section E - Establishment Information


Section F - Remarks


Section G - Certification


Additional Setup


In order for reporting to work, you will also need to make sure that ethnicity has been added under Setup > Setup Properties so that it can be displayed.

For more information about setting up Ethnicities, you can refer to the following article.

After setting up Ethnicities, an employee's ethnicity can be selected from the 'EEOC/Additional Info' tab of their 'Demographic Info' page. 

Code Description Ethnicity Category
H Hispanic or Latino Hispanic or Latino
W White White (Not Hispanic or Latino)
B Black or African American Black or African American (Not Hispanic or Latino)
I Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander (Not Hispanic or Latino)
A Asian Asian (Not Hispanic or Latino)
AI American Indian or Alaska Native American Indian or Alaska Native (Not Hispanic or Latino)
M Two or More Races Two or More Races (Not Hispanic or Latino)
No Answer No Answer  

EEO Class

The EEO Class for an employee must be selected in order for the EEO-1 reports to properly run. An employee's EEO Class can be selected from the 'EEOC/Additional Info' tab of their 'Demographic Info' page. 

CHR - Employee - Demographic Info - EEOC - 03.png

1.1 - Executive/Senior Level Officials and Managers
1.2 - First/Mid Legel Officials and Managers
2 - Professionals
3 - Technicians
4 - Sales Workers
5 - Administrator Support Workers
6 - Craft Workers
7 - Operatives
8 - Laborers and Helpers
9 - Service Workers

A PDF list of the job categories/EEO classes has been attached: EEO-1 Job Categories

Generating EEO-1 Reporting

The EEO-1 report can then be viewed by navigating from the Menu by going to Reports > Employee > Compliance

For more information, you can refer to the following article.

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