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FAQ for Benefit Management: The "Create Benefit" Utility did not Create Benefit Records

If you have run the "Create Benefit Records" utility, and the utility displays as Completed on the "Step 3 - Run Utility" tab, however the employees benefits > benefits tab does not display the benefit the utility likely encountered an error. 


Navigation Pathway: Settings > Benefit Management > Plan Utilities > Create Benefit Records 


How to diagnose the issue: Menu > System > Audit Log 

If an error occurred during the utility process the System Audit log can provide further detail to diagnose the issue. 

  • Filter By: All Categories 
  • Start Date: Enter the Day the utility was executed 
  • End Date: Enter the Day after the utility was executed 
  • Click Filter Log 

 In the audit log, there will be three records identifying the processing of the utility. The second will display the error encountered, if any. 

  1. Benefit Plan Utility Started 
  2. Utility: Benefit Eligibility Process encountered an Error 
  3. Benefit Plan Utility Completed



Possible cause for Error: 



  • If the utility ends in error the Step 3 - Run Utility" Tab will still display the status as "Complete" 
    • It is always best to audit the utility turn out after the utility has completed 
  • Utilities are places in a queue that will pick up every 30 minutes as room in the queue allows. If at the next 30 minute interval there is room in the queue, the status of the utility will be updated to "In Process" until completed 
    • If the queue is full, it will continue to be evaluated at 30 minute intervals until there is room to process
    • It is always best practice to run Plan Utilities with plenty of time to process
      • For example: During Open Enrollment busy times (4th Quarter of the business year) the queue will be far more busy that the rest of the year. This means utilities can take longer to process and complete. 
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