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Guide to Map View for ExakTime

The Map View allows you to review an employee's relative position when they clock in/out using ExakTime Mobile by using the location data generated on the mobile device used.

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Navigating to Map View

From the Time Card Details

While viewing the Time Card Detail page for an employee, you can click on the globe to the left of an employee's time record with GPS data. Using this method will take you to the Map View and view the selected employee of the Time Card Detail.


If there is no GPS data associated with the time record, the globe will be slightly grayed out.


Directly to Map View

Go to Tools and click on Map View. Using this method will not focus on any specific employee. An employee will need to be selected first. 


Understanding the Map View Page


  1. Employee/Location List and Time Punch Information
    • Time Card Detail - Return to the time card detail page.
    • Employee/Location Search
    • Depending on what tab has been selected, you will be able to see employees with location data, locations that employees worked with location data, or employees with GeoTrakker data.
  2. Date that you are viewing.
  3. Punch/Crumb Filter
    • Employee/Locations Tab - Select the type of punches to view such as all punches, only clock ins, the most recent punch, or only punches outside of the GeoFence.
    • GeoTrakker Tab - Show All or only Important crumbs.
  4. Legend - Brief explanation of symbols seen in the Map View.


  5. Options - Change which employees are shown, the default punch filter, what punch details to show, etc. Options are not available for the GeoTrakker tab.


Map View Tips

  • If there are multiple punches or locations in the same area, they will be clustered with an icon indicating the number of punches/locations in that cluster.
    • Hovering over the icon will show you the employees/locations in the cluster.
    • Zooming in will break the clusters apart.


  • Hovering over the location pin will allow you to see the GeoFence for the location.


  • If an employee's clock in/out is outside of the GeoFence, a red icon will appear to indicate that they were outside of the GeoFence with a blue line connecting their GPS coordinate with the location of the time record/GPS they are outside of the GeoFence for.


  • If multiple clock in/outs from the employees are close enough together and creating a cluster, there will be no blue line.


Using the Employee Tab

When viewing your list of employees, you can expand your employees to view their punches with an indicator of the source of the punches. Only punches created on ExakTime Mobile with GPS information will appear on the map.


  • Select the date to review.


  • Select any number or all of your employees to view all of their time punches with GPS data on the map.


  • Use the punches drop-down menu to focus on specific types of punches.


  • Expand the employee entry to review their records.
    • Overview__Map_View__360008633994__Time_Card_Icon.png - Clicking this icon will bring you to the employee's time card.
    • Overview__Map_View__360008633994__Outside_GeoFence.png - Outside the GeoFence.
    • Overview__Map_View__360008633994__MapView_-_Icons.png - Source of the time records ( JobClock Hornet, ExakTime Mobile, ExakTime Connect, and System Generated)


Using the Location Tab

The location list will show you any locations that have employees have clocked in/out to with GPS information. Selecting any location will show you who worked there and what cost codes were used.


  • Select the date to review.


  • Select a location from the location list.


  • The Map will show any GPS data related to the selected location.
  • Use the Who/What/Where tabs for information on who worked at the location, what they had done, and where the location is.


Using the GeoTrakker Tab

GeoTrakker allows you to review the movement of an employee's mobile device throughout their day.


  • Select the date to review.


  • Select the employee to review.


  • Click any of the timestamps from the list on the left-hand side to view the related GPS data on the map or hover over any of the crumbs on the map to view the time.


  • Use the media buttons and/or timeline to watch a playback of the employee's movement.


  Additional Information

For more information regarding the setup and use of GeoTrakker, you can refer to Complete Guide to GeoTrakker

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