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Closing and Reopening a Pay Period for ExakTime

"Pay Period Closing" is an option to prevent unintended time card changes and mitigate any data disparity between ExakTime and your accounting/payroll software such as editing time records or adding new time records after the time cards have been finalized for payroll.

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What Closing a Pay Period Does

Closing a Pay Period is a simple process where an Administrator clicks a button on the Time Card Summary page to close the pay period. Pay period closing only supports pay periods and does not allow the closing of other date ranges. When a pay period is closed, all time cards within the pay period cannot be modified in any way.

Any time punches made by employees through systems such as JobClocks or ExakTime Mobile will not populate the employee's time card and will instead funnel into the Quarantined Time tab of Time Card Summary. Quarantined time punches will not populate your time cards until the pay period has been reopened and the employee's time cards are not approved. When reopening a pay period, double-check your quarantined time as reopening the pay period can move all quarantined time to the employee's time card.

For more information about the Quarantined Time tab, please refer to the following dedicated article

Enabling Pay Period Closing

  • Go to Manage and click Company Settings


  • Go to Time & Attendance


  • Enable Pay Period Closing
    • You can also put a warning on the Time Card Summary for when the time card should be finalized.


  • Click Save.

Granting Permission to Close a Pay Period

While all Administrators will already have permission to close a pay period, you can grant permission to close a pay period to other ExakTime Connect security roles.

  • Go to Manage and click on Security Roles.


  • Click the ExakTime Connect tab.


  • Click on the role that should have access or create a new role. Administrators will have the option by default.


  • In the permissions to the right, enable access to "Close Pay Periods".


  • Click Save at the bottom.

Close or Reopen A Pay Period

Once you are past the previous pay period and are past the first day of the following pay period, the option to close the pay period will be available on the Time Card Summary page. This is to ensure that all the time records from the previous work week have been calculated. (i.e. if the last day of the Pay Period is a Friday, but the First Day of the Week is Monday and if the Pay Period were closed then policies could not calculate for the rest of the days up until that "First Day of the Week".)

Closing a pay period must be done manually and is not automatic.

  • Go to Time Cards and click on Time Card Summary.


  • Click on Close Pay Period to close the pay period or Reopen Pay Period if it has already been closed.



  • A warning will appear for the date range you are closing/reopening and what will happen by closing/reopening. If there are any 



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For more information about the Time Card Summary page, you can refer to the following dedicated article.

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