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Quarantined Time in ExakTime Connect

'Quarantined Time' is a menu of the 'Time Card Summary' that will list any time punches not accepted to an employee's time card due to a time card approval and/or a closed pay period. Quarantined time punches will reside in the 'Quarantined Time' menu until the cause of quarantining has been resolved. After the time card approvals have been removed and the pay period is reopened, the quarantined time punches will be accepted to the employee's time card. 

If you use pay period closing or time card approvals, review the 'Quarantined Time' menu before finalizing payroll to check for any quarantined time records to accept. 

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Granting Permission to Quarantined Time

Administrators will have permission to view the Quarantined Time tab by default. Other ExakTime Connect security roles can be granted permission to view the quarantined time tab as well. Expand the below section for steps.

Expand for Steps to Grant Permission
    1. Go to Manage and click on Security Roles.


    2. Click the ExakTime Connect tab.


    3. Click on the role that should have access or create a new role. Administrators will have the option by default.


    4. In the permissions to the right, enable access to "View Quarantined Time".


    5. Click Save at the bottom.

Understanding the Quarantined Time Tab

Navigating to Quarantined Time
  • Go to Time Cards and click Time Card Summary.


  • Click the Quarantined Time tab.



All quarantined time punches of employees in your viewset will be listed here.

There will be columns for: 

  • ID - The ID of the employee the time punch is for.
  • Employee - The name of the employee.
  • Date - The date and time that the time punch was created.
  • Location - The location associated with the time punch.
  • Cost Code - The cost code of the time punch. If the time punch is a clock out, "Out" will be listed.
  • Device - The name of the device used to create and send the time punch.
    • If you notice a device name consistently being listed here, you should investigate why time punches are consistently quarantined from the device. 
  • Pay Period - The pay period that the quarantined time would belong to.

Adjusting Columns

Click the 'Column Manager' button to adjust the ordering of columns or remove/add columns.


Retrieving Quarantined Time

Your quarantined time punches can be retrieved from the 'Quarantined Time' tab to populate your employee's time cards depending on the circumstances that caused it. When the cause of the quarantined time is resolved, the quarantined time will automatically populate the respective employees time card.

Please keep in mind that there may be situations where you may not want to retrieve quarantined time such as quarantined time for a past pay period that has been paid for as it can create confusion between hours paid for and hours recorded. 

The steps to retrieve quarantined time are detailed in the articles linked below:

Consistent Quarantined Time

If your employee's time punches are consistently being quarantined, you should investigate why the time punches are sent after your time card approvals and pay period closing. The most common causes of delayed time punches are detailed in the following dedicated article.

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