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Reviewing 1094/1095 Forms for Core HR

After generating your forms, review them to protect your organization from inaccuracies and prevent post-filing corrections.

High Level Review

Some things to check for at a high level:

  • Confirm Employees Last Names (Sorted A thru Z)
  • Each 1095 form is 3 pages long, so the total number of pages divided by 3 should equal the number of employees you are reporting for.
    • If you included a one-page employee mailer, then you will have 4 pages per employee.


Granular Review

Some things to check at an audit level:

  • On the left side of the 1095C is the employee data and the right-hand side is employee information.
    • Make sure that the information is correct.
    • Confirm the address and EIN is correct.
    • Toward the bottom will be specific tax codes for each employee. For more information about Lines 14 and 16, you can refer to the following article.
  • Part III of the 1095-C will populate the appropriate month checkboxes when an employee is enrolled into a COBRA plan.


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