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Correcting Data for ACA

Depending on the data in your ACA document, you can correct any information that Core HR pulls from, manually correct data, or enter any code overrides that Core HR does not derive.

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Common Errors for Forms

Company Information

A common error found for the employer settings is incorrect company names or EIN.

  1. From the menu, expand Setup then click Setup Properties.


  2. Hover over General and click Employers.


  3. Click the name of the employer.


  4. Ensure that you are using the legal business name, not a "Doing Business As" (DBA), and the correct EIN. If either is incorrect, the transmission to the IRS will fail.


Employee Information

Some of the most frequent errors are found within the employee's demographic.

  • To begin, use the top search bar to pull up the affected employee's profile.


Personal Information

While viewing the employee's profile, hover over Employee and click Demographic Info.


From the employee's "Personal" tab, double-check the following:

  • Misspelled First and/or Last Name
  • Incorrect Social Security Number (SSN).


Employee Information

From the employee's "Employee" tab, double-check the following:

  • Employee Status
  • ACA Status
  • Benefit Status
  • Hire Date
  • Benefit Eligibility Date
  • Termination Date


Employee Status History

  1. While viewing the employee profile, go to Benefits and click ACA Profile.


  2. Click the Employee Status History tab.


  3. Make any adjustments to the employee's status history.


Importing Data Corrections and Code Overrides

  1. To adjust 1095s using Excel, ensure that you download the Raw Data file. This will allow you to import your saved changes. 


  2. When importing an updated 1095-C file, you will enter the following steps as if you are generating the file from scratch prior to uploading the file.
    1. Enter the reporting year.
    2. Enter the contact name and phone number.
    3. Select the Employer
    4. Select the Employee Group
    5. Select the appropriate Offer Method
    6. Select the applicable options
  3. To see the option to load an updated date filed, click the checkbox for "Load Data from File" found under the "Please select from all that apply to this transmission" section.
    • Enabling this may take you to the "View Completed Forms" tab. Return to the "Generate Forms" tab if this occurs.


  4. To import the new file, click Browse, select the appropriate data file, and enter the worksheet name where the data resides. 
    • The worksheet name must match the name of the worksheet you are using for the upload. For example, if the worksheet name that we are importing from is named "Sheet1", then you will enter "Sheet1" into the provided field.


  5. Click Generate.
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