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Guides to Field Notes for ExakTime

Field Notes allow your employees to create notes about their work to provide additional information for the office, such as issues encountered at a job site, potential issues with their time, and more.

ExakTime Mobile allows your employees to create text notes, pictures, and voice notes while ExakTime Connect allows you to create text notes. Field notes cannot be sent from ExakTime Connect to ExakTime Mobile currently.

Process for Setting Up and Using Field Notes

  1. Granting Permission to Field Notes - Grant permission to access field notes in ExakTime Connect for non-Administrator roles.
  2. Creating a Field Note in ExakTime Connect - Steps on how to create a field note from the Field Notes page or field notes tab of a Subject. 
  3. Adding & Reviewing Field Notes In ExakTime Mobile - Steps on how to create field notes from ExakTime Mobile for Employees.
  4. Reviewing Field Notes in ExakTime Connect - Steps on how to review field notes in ExakTime Connect. 
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