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Compensation Transactions Import Layout for Core HR

The layout below can be used to import Compensation Transactions into Core HR.

 Please Note

If you use the compensation type of base salary or base hourly rate this data Will be placed on the compensation rates tab, not the compensations transactions tab.

General Information on Importing

For general information on importing data, refer to the following dedicated article that details how to import a file, supported formats, and other related information.

Import Layout

When creating your import file, you must:

  • Create Column Headers.
  • Match the order of the columns with the table provided below.
  • Match the number of columns with the table provided below.

If columns are added or removed, the import process file will stop and an error message will be shown, resulting in no records processed and an error logged in the import history.

When is a Record Added vs Updated?

If an existing record is found in the key field(s) ([key]) identified below, the Core HR will update that record instead of creating a new record.

Column Header Data Type Max Field Length Required Notes
Employee SSN / Employee ID Text 9 Yes Must match an existing employee within the system. Either SSN or Employee ID can be used. The import will check for a match by SSN first and then by Employee ID to find a match within the HRIS.
Compensation Type Text   Yes Must be “Base Salary”, “Base Hourly Rate”, "Bonus", "Commission", or "Other"
Effective Date Date
  Yes Must be a valid date.
Amount Numeric   Yes Must be a valid integer. Should reflect Annual amount for records of type "Base Salary".
Category Text     If supplied, must an existing Comp Category defined within Data Properties.
Notes Text      
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