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Data Export History for Core HR

Export History displays all the exports that have successfully been executed, either manually or on a schedule, over the past thirty days. This allows you to see all exports regardless of export category in one screen instead of by a single category. 

Navigating to History for Data Exports

Expand Data, expand Exports, and click Manage from the menu.

CHR - Menu - Data - Exports - History - 00.png

CHR - Data - Exports - History - 00.png

The History page will have columns for:

  • Export - Name of Export
  • Export Date - The date the export was executed.
  • Date Type - The data type selected from the Properties tab when setting up data export.
  • Export Format - If the file was a Full or Change File.
  • Executed By - Will list the name of the administrator or 'System Process' if run on a schedule.
  • View File - Click the 'Open' link to view the file.
  • # Employees - The number of employees in the file. Depending on the file, this may not be the number of records in the file. When in test mode it will display the # of Employees as zero.
  • Rollback Change Log - This option will update the change log records back to a Pending status.
    • Use this option when a file that resets the change log (a setting on the Properties Tab for data export) needs to be re-run.
    • For example, if a carrier file needs to be re-submitted due to a Carrier error. 
    • If an export that resets the change log is not rolled back, the changes may not be included in subsequent files, especially termination records.

Click the Filter icon CHR - Filter Icon.png to view exports from a different time frame.

CHR - Data - Exports - History - 02.png

The Actions drop-down menu allows you to:

CHR - Data - Exports - History - Actions - 00.png

  • Delete Selected Records - Delete any selected data export history records.

Deleting a Data Export History Record

  1. Select the history records to be deleted with the checkboxes.

    CHR - Data - Exports - History - Delete - 00.png

  2. Use the Action dropdown menu and click Delete Selected Records.

    CHR - Data - Exports - Schedule - Delete - 02.png

  3. Confirm the deletion.

    CHR - Data - Exports - Schedule - Delete - 04.png

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