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Email Templates for 360 Evaluations

Email templates can be created for Admins and Managers to select from when launching a 360 Review.

Navigating to Email Templates

Go to 360 Admin in the menu bar and click Email Templates.



  • Click New Item....


  • Set up your Email Templates:


    • Template Title - The email template title will appear as a drop-down menu option to select from for anyone launching a 360 Evaluation.
    • Email Body: Enter the text that would appear when sending the email template. The email body should include details, like who is this for, what is this, when is it due, why should the rater participate, and who they should contact with questions.
      • Use the "Insert Field" drop-down to insert a mail merge field. Mail merge fields will automatically insert information such as the raters and ratees names, etc.
  • Click Save Template when finished.
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