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Project Setup for 360 Evaluations

Navigating to Project Setup for 360 Evaluations

Go to 360 Admin in the menu bar and click Project Setup.


Creating the Project

  • Click New Item from the Project Setup page.


  • Setup your Project.


    • Project Name - The project name is the name of the evaluation(s) that will be sent out (i.e. "360's for Managers" or "2020 Annual Feedback").
      • It is best practice to use a project only once.
      • When emails are sent for a project, they will send to everyone, even if there are people who have already been sent the evaluation. 
    • Select the following options for this 360 project:
      • Allow Manager to Specify Raters - Allows managers the ability to set up who rates who in the 360 evaluation.
      • Allow Manager to Launch Emails - Launching emails is an action taken to 'assign' a 360 Evaluation.
      • Enable Feedback Reports - Generate reports for the ratee to view the results of the 360 Evaluation. We recommend that this option is enabled. 
    • Select Report - Select the type of report to use when reviewing the results of the 360 Evaluation.
      • Summary Feedback Report - Allows an overall summary, by rater, of the averages that came back from each peer group. The report is limited and only shows the averages of the top 10 and bottom 10 competencies.
      • Detailed Feedback Report - A detailed summary of the results of the 360 Evaluation.
  • Click Save.

Adding 360 Evaluation to Project

After the project has been created, you will need to add the 360 Evaluation form(s) to the project. If you would like more information on creating an Evaluation form in the Performance module, you can refer to the following dedicated article.

  • Locate the newly created project from the project list home page and click Add under the Rating Forms Column.


  • Select the 360 rating form associated with this project from the left, under "Available Rating Forms." Select the arrows in the middle to move the form title to "Assigned Rating Forms."


  • Close the "Select 360 Form" window. The form name will be listed under the rating forms column.


Making Project Active

You will need to make the project active/open before sending the participation invites.

  • Click Closed from the Project Status column to open the project.


  • When the project is set to Active/Open, the Edit and Delete buttons will be removed and the 360 Evaluation form cannot be edited.


  • After all responses have been collected, you can close the project by clicking Open from the Project Status column so no further responses are accepted, but this is not required.
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