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Adding a New Instructor

LMS Administrators can assign set up instructors for your courses.

Assigning Instructor Role

To make an employee an instructor, they must first have the Instructor role assigned for their Employee profile.

  1. From the Learning Management System, click Account Admin found near the top-right.


  2. Locate the Employee and press Edit.


  3. Click on the Roles tab


  4. Assign Instructor Role for that employee


  5. Click Save.

Add/Edit New Instructor

  1. From the Learning Management page, click LMS Admin, then click Training, then click Instructors.


  2. Click Add Instructor to add new or Edit to change existing instructors details


  3. You will see a menu like below. The available fields will vary depending on the type of instructor being added.


  4. Use the Internal/External Instructor Type toggle to indicate if an instructor is an employee or an external trainer.


  5. If the instructor is an internal resource, select the employee from the drop-down menu. If the drop-down list does not have the necessary employee, make sure that the employee has the Instructor role assigned. You can refer to Assigning Instructor Role for the necessary steps.


  6. If the instructor is an external resource, additional fields will be available to setup.
    • Training Provider - Select the training provider from the drop-down menu. If the training provider is not listed, you can add a training provider by referring to Complete Guide to Training Provider
    • Enter the Last and First Name of the employee as required.
    • Enter additional contact information as needed.
  7. Use the Yes/No Active Toggle to indicate if an instructor is active or inactive.


  8. Use the Notes field to enter any relevant comments about the instructor.


  9. Click Save
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