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Understanding the Incomplete New Hires Tab for Onboarding


The Incomplete new Hires tab will list all of the new hires that are still going through their Onboarding paperwork and add a new hire manually if they were not added through the Applicant Tracking System.

In the top left, you can click "Add New Hire" to enter a new hire manually.


From here, you will see the following columns:

  • New Hire Name
  • Username
  • Current Process Step
  • Job Title
  • Location
  • Phone(s)
  • Process Started
  • Assigned To

Sorting/Filtering Options

  • Clicking any of the column headers will allow you to sort the list.


  • The list can be filtered by specifying the number of days you wish to view and clicking the filter button. The default number of days is 60 days.


  • The number of new hires to be listed can be changed to 5, 10, or 25 new hires per page.


Incomplete New Hires Actions

Clicking the "..." button under the Action column will let you:

Edit New Hire

Edit the new hire and job information.


Disable New Hire

Prevents the new hire from logging in to Onboarding and removes them from the New Hire Dashboard. May be necessary if a new hire has started their paperwork, but did not pursue employment with the company. 

When disabling a new hire, the new hire's data will be deleted and cannot be undone.


View New Hire

Allows the manager to review where a new hire has reached with their paperwork. This can help instances where the new hire has questions with their paperwork. With this, the manager can talk the new hire through any questions they may have. The manager is not able to edit/complete the paperwork for the new hire, the new hire must complete their paperwork themselves.


Add Comment

Add an internal comment to the new hire. Clicking the "..." button in the Action column will let you edit or delete a comment.


Reset Password

Sends a "Password Reset" email to the new hire. This should only be done if the new hire has provided a valid email address. If the new hire did not provide a valid email, such as when using Kiosk Mode, the manager will need to change their password for them. In the event that the new hire is unable to locate the email, the new hire should check their spam/clutter emails for emails sent by <>


Change Password

Allows the manager to change the password for a new user. This is useful for Managers who need to update the password for a new hire that did not provide a valid email, such as if they had used the Kiosk Mode.


Adding a New Hire

If a new hire must be added to Onboarding but was not hired through the Applicant Tracking System, you can add the new hire manually.

  • Click Add New Hire


  • Fill in the available fields (* - Required Field)
    • First & Last Name*
    • Email Address* - The email address for the new hire to verify their account and create their password.
    • Username (User Login)* - The username will be used by the new hire to sign in to the Onboarding website and begin their paperwork. It is typical that the email address is entered for the username for ease of use.
    • Hiring Template - If a hiring template has been created, you can select it from this drop-down to fill in the appropriate fields. For more information about hiring templates, you can refer to Complete Guide to Hiring Templates
    • Location* - The location where the new hire will be working.
    • Hiring Manager* - The manager that will be taking care of the new hire's paperwork.
    • Job Title*
    • Employment Type - Choose from Full Time, Part Time, or Seasonal.
    • Pay Rate - Choose from Hourly or Salary.
    • Amount
    • Training Pay Rate per Hour - If the new hire is to be paid an alternative rate while undergoing training. This is an alternative setting that can be enabled from the Administration page. 
    • Scheduled to complete onboarding on
  • Click Submit when finished.

The new hire will receive an email to verify their account and create their password. In the event that the new hire is unable to locate the email, the new hire should check their spam/clutter emails for emails sent by <>

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