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Understanding the New Hire Dashboard

From the New Hire Dashboard page, you will see three tabs for:

Manager Action Items


The Manager Action Items tab will list all of the employees waiting for manager review. When an employee has completed their paperwork, the manager will find the employee's name listed here for review and for the manager to complete their part of the new hire paperwork. The information from the manager is not shared with the new hire.

Incomplete New Hires


The Incomplete New Hires tab for managers will display all of the new employees that have not started their paperwork, those currently completing the new hire section of the paperwork, and their current step.

Recently Hired


The Recently Hired tab will display a list of new employees that have completed the paperwork process entirely within the date range selected in the filter. Managers can filter the display by designating the number of days they wish to view and clicking the filter button. The default is 60 days.

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