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What are Career Pages for the ATS?

There are a couple of options we offer to connect the Applicant Tracking System to your company website.

Navigating to your Career Page
  • Access the career page editor in your ATS by navigating to Administration.


  • Click Career Pages on the left-hand side.


Hosted Career Page

The Applicant Tracking System offers a Hosted Careers page option for companies needing additional functionality.

A hosted career page is a public-facing, branded page specific to your company. It is an add-on product that gains your company more features, in addition to the job feed widget.

Candidates can search for jobs; add their resume to your candidate pool, or sign up for an email group based on your candidate labels to focus your email communication when posting new jobs.

Out of the box, a hosted career page leverages a mobile responsive design, meaning candidates can search for and apply for a job from their phone or tablet. Our intuitive online editor gives you the options and tools you need to create a flexible design listing your latest positions to create a great first impression and overall candidate experience.

For example, you can easily customize the page to include: company color scheme, company messaging, logo, video, page layout, job feed layout, Google Analytics for tracking, and much more!

  Additional Information

For more information regarding the hosted career page, you can refer to Hosted Career Page

Career Page Code

Career Page Code is a javascript snippet that is added to your website's career/open jobs page. Once created and inserted onto your website, active jobs will display, and closed jobs will be removed from your site.

Once the Career Page Code is placed on your website you can make all modifications through your Applicant Tracking System. You will no longer have to work with the website designer for these modifications.

The top advantages of using the Career Page Code on your website:

  1. National Labor Exchange. Our partners will push your jobs to the National Labor Exchange and the State Workforce Agency for the state the job is listed in.
  2. Job seeker experience. Studies are showing that job seekers are researching companies prior to applying. Listing current job openings on your website allows the job seeker to easily apply after their research.
  3. SEO (search engine optimization). This will increase your visibility within the search engines as people look for your organization and more importantly, work for/with your organization.
  4. Increased visibility. This leads to more job candidates!

  Additional Information

For more information regarding the career page, you can refer to Implementing the Job Feed Code

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