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Assign a Succession Plan to an Employee

Succession Plans can only be assigned by the employee's Manager.

  • Select one of your direct reports from the employee banner.


  • Click on the Succession Plans tab for the employee.


  • Click New Item....


  • Assign the Succession to the employee:


    • Succession Plan - Select the Succession Plan you want to assign to the employee from the drop-down.
    • Estimated Succession Completion - The date of estimated completion will initially be populated based on the selected Succession Plan. 
    • Post Succession Job Code - If a Succession Path Job Code has been assigned to the Succession Plan you are assigning, it will be automatically selected, but does not display to the employee. You can also select the job code that the employee will receive upon completing the Succession Plan.
    • Succession Notes
  • Click Assign when finished.

Once a Succession Plan is assigned to an employee, it will be accessible to the employee from the Succession Planning Dashboard > Succession Plans tab. A Manager can view this information too, by selecting the employee to view from the employee banner or going to People > Select Employee > Succession Plan.

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