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Add New Development Plan for Succession

After completing an employee's evaluation, their ratings can help guide a manager or Admin as to what type of development plan should be created and assigned to the employee. Ultimately, a Development Plan should assist the employee with becoming more proficient within a particular skill set, competency, behavior, etc.

Navigating to Development Plans
  • Click Development Plans from the menu bar of the Succession module.



  • Select the employee that you are adding a development plan to with the provided drop-down menu.


  • Click New Item....


  • Set up the Development Plan:


    • Enter Development Objective – Required Field. The objective that you want the employee to accomplish.
    • Description – Required Field. Detail information for the employee to be able to read and understand what is being asked of them.
    • Start Date - Required Field.
    • Check-In Date – Required Field. Typically when the manager will meet with the employee to review progress and answer any questions.
    • Completion Date – When the manager believes the individual has accomplished all they need to within this plan. Once completed, you can now view this form within the Employee Profile. Otherwise, you can view it from their dashboard > Development Plan or under Development Plan to edit.
    • Email Reminder Schedule – Required Field. The email reminders will be sent to the employee that the Development Plan is for.
    • Percent Complete – Not required, but can be adjusted for a visual indicator of the employee's progress.
    • What will success look like? – Required Field. How a manager will determine that the employee is successful with their development plan.
    • Progress Measurement - Required Field. Progress measurement options below:
      • 360 Feedback – you could create a rater network to send out an evaluation to a group of individuals for feedback.
      • Performance Review – results within their ratings on a performance evaluation.
      • Other
    • Feedback Person – Required Field. Could be one person or a group of people.
  • Click Save when finished.

After creating your Development Plan, you can add activities and progress notes.

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