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Basic Setup for SyncLinx

SyncLinx is used to import entities from a supported accounting/payroll application into ExakTime Connect to help eliminate data entry of entities. When first opening SyncLinx, you will need to complete some basic setup to get SyncLinx connected with your accounting/payroll application.

While we cannot cover every aspect of setting up SyncLinx for all accounting/payroll applications, you can refer to the following section that contains guides for some of the most common applications such as QuickBooks and Sage 100 Masterbuilder.

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Selecting Data Source

If SyncLinx has not been set up with a data source to pull entities (employees, locations, and/or cost codes) from, then you will need to set up the data source. Depending on the data source, you may need some additional information/applications such as:

  • Applications like QuickBooks need to be open when using SyncLinx.
  • Applications like Foundation will require Foundation server information and credentials.
  • Applications that rely on SQL will require valid SQL credentials to read database information. 
  • Applications like Sage 100 will require server information, valid Sage 100 credentials, and permission to access the database. 
  • Applications like ComputerEase require additional ODBC drivers to be installed and set up, in addition to valid ComptuerEase credentials. 

After confirming that the requirements have been met:

  1. Go to Tools and click Select Data Source....


  2. Select your accounting/payroll application from the list and click OK.


  3. Depending on the data source, some additional steps may occur:
    • Additional prompts may appear in QuickBooks to confirm the connection.
    • A connection error prompt may appear as it is unable to connect to your accounting/payroll application. Clicking OK will take you to the "Settings" window to set up your connection.

Setting Up Data Source Connection

Some applications, such as Sage 100, will require credentials before SyncLinx can access the necessary information to populate your ExakTime system. 

  1. Go to Tools and click <Applicant Name> Settings... if not already there.


  2. In the Settings window, click the "Connection" or "Connection Setup" buttons to set up the connection with your accounting/payroll application. As this can differ between different systems, you can refer to the following section that contains guides for some of the most common applications such as ComputerEase and Sage 100 Masterbuilder.


  3. Enter the credentials as necessary for SyncLinx to connect to your company file. 

Basic Use of SyncLinx

After selecting your data source and configuring your data source settings, you will select the entities to import. You can refer to the following article on how to use SyncLinx

Some data source settings require you to import cost codes before importing locations to take advantage of limiting what cost codes are available for your locations.

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