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Reviewing Your Time Punches with the History Tab of ExakTime Mobile

If enabled, you can use History to review time punches created within the past 2 weeks to make sure that you have clocked in/out. The History tab will be accessible from the Time Clock screen of ExakTime Mobile.

If you do not see it, but believe that you should, please sync your copy of ExakTime Mobile, log out and log back in. If you still do not see the option, please consult your ExakTime administrator.

  • Tap the History tab from the Time Clock screen. This will be along the bottom of iOS devices and at the top of Android devices. 


  • If you used multiple devices to clock in/out, you would need to check the History tab of the respective device the clock in/out was made. Towards the left of your punches will be an indicator if the record was sent or not.


  • Tapping a punch will allow you to view more information about the time punch such as the location, cost code, and where the device was when the punch was created.

    EM_-_History_-_03.png EM_-_History_-_00.png

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