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Logging In/Out Of ExakTime Mobile

You will need to log in to ExakTime Mobile to begin tracking your time and use other features of ExakTime Mobile.

After you have clocked in/out, you can log out so a coworker can log in and clock in/out. Logging out does not clock you out.

Logging In

Enter your PIN as supplied to you by your office on the number pad screen then press the Arrow at the bottom right.


Logging Out

ExakTime Mobile allows you to log out manually or will automatically log you out after clocking in/out, if enabled by your ExakTime administrator. Logging out does not clock you out. You must clock yourself out at the end of the day by pressing the STOP button.

Manually Log Out - Press the menu button in the top left (≡)and press Logout at the bottom of the menu to return to the PIN pad screen. If you are sharing ExakTime Mobile with coworkers, you will need to log out of ExakTime Mobile after you have clocked in/out so the other employees can clock in/out. Logging out does not clock you out.

Automatic Log Out - If Automatic Log Out has been enabled, you will be taken to the PIN pad screen after clocking in/out for yourself. This allows your coworkers to clock in/out on the same device if needed. 


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