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Reviewing and Clocking In to Your Schedule in ExakTime Mobile

If enabled by your ExakTime Administrator, you will be able to conveniently see your work schedule from ExakTime Mobile to stay on top of your tasks and plan around your scheduled items if needed. You may also be able to clock in directly to a schedule so the location and cost code is automatically selected. You will still need to complete the clock in process and fill out any prompts/forms.

Keep in mind that you are not required to clock in to the scheduled location/cost code in the event that the scheduled location/cost code is incorrect. If you are ever in doubt as to what has been scheduled, please speak with your supervisor/ExakTime Administrator for clarification. 

If you see the option for "Schedules (New)", please use refer to the "New Version" tab. If you do not see "Schedules (New)" and only see "Schedules", refer to the "Previous Version" tab. 

EM - Schedules - Menu - 03.png

New Version Previous Version
  • Press the three lines in the top left to open the menu and press Schedules (New).

    EM - Schedules - Menu - 01.png

  • Schedules will display the last synced schedules and an indicator of the last time the schedules were updated. If the schedule is not current or if you are unsure, press the EM - Schedules - Refresh - 00.png sync icon towards the top right to update them. 

    EM - Schedules - Menu - 04.png

  • Use the date range toggle towards the top-left to view the previous, current, and up to 3 future weeks of schedules.

    EM - Schedules - Menu - Date Range - 00.png

  • Press a date to expand and view your expected schedule. A scheduled shift will list:
    • Shift Title
    • Time Frame
    • Location
    • Cost Code
    • EM - Schedules - Menu - Icon - Checkbox - 00.png - The number of tasks for the shift.
    • EM - Schedules - Menu - Icon - Attachments - 00.png - The number of attachments for the shift.
    • Details - View any notes, tasks, attachments, and the location address.
    • Clock In - If enabled by your ExakTime Administrator, you will see a button to clock in directly to the scheduled location/cost code. The location and cost code selection will be skipped when clocking in, while all other prompts and forms must be completed. You can still clock in/out normally through the Time Clock menu, but you must manually select your location/cost code. 

    EM - Schedules - Menu - 03.png

  • Press Details to view any notes, tasks, attachments, and/or the address of the location.

    EM - Schedules - Menu - Combo - 00.png

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