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Millennium Configuration - HRIS Configuration

Once the WCF Service Configuration is complete, the HRIS must be configured to link to the WCF Service. The HRIS Configuration for an HRIS Account must be configured by a user with Enterprise Portal Access.

All HRIS Configuration can be completed from the Settings > Payroll > Settings screen within the HRIS Account.

The HRIS configuration includes the following steps:

  1. Configure the Payroll Provider to be used - this can be completed via the General Settings Tab.
  2. Configure the End Point Settings - this can be completed via the End Point Settings Tab.
  3. Map the HRIS Account to one or more Payroll Accounts - this can be completed via the Account Mapping Tab.

Once the HRIS is mapped to one or more Payroll Accounts, the data within the HRIS must be initialized with the Payroll Data in order to link records between the two systems. This process can be completed from the Utilities sub-menu.

Important: information regarding the order of data initialization

It is important to first synchronize all Company Setup Fields before loading any Employee Data. Once all Company Setup fields are successfully synced then please initialize the Employee Demographics data before linking any other Employee data elements.

Once the Employee Demographic data is initialized, each Employee Record in the HRIS will be mapped to one or more Payroll Accounts. This mapping can be viewed from the Employee >> Employee >> Demographic Info screen by click on on the Payroll Account Mapping Tab. This tab includes a table that will display the Payroll Account(s) that the employee is mapped to.

Data should be synced in the following order:

  1. Company Setup Data
  2. Employee Demographics
  3. Other Employee level data
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