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Millennium Configuration - Configuring and Testing Required Fields in HRIS

Within Millennium, it is possible to configure fields as "Required" fields for new employee records. These "Required" fields must be assigned values in order for a new record to be added to Payroll. Additionally, certain fields (drop-down fields) within Payroll can be configured with company-specific values.

In order for the HRIS to successfully add new Employee Records to payroll, the HRIS must be configured to have the same "Required" fields as the Payroll Application. Fields on the Employee > Employee > Demographic Info screen can be configured as required or optional via the Required Fields screen of the HRIS.

Additionally, for drop-down fields that are configured in Payroll, the HRIS must also have the same values configured in order for those fields to sync successfully between the two applications. Drop-down fields in the HRIS can be configured via the Field Value Setup screens within the HRIS.

Testing a New Employee Record

Because fields can be configured on a Company-by-Company basis, it is important to test the syncing of a new Employee record between the HRIS and Payroll applications. The following steps provide the recommended process for doing this:

  1. Add a Test Employee manually directly through Payroll to confirm that all required fields are correct and configured with Valid values. If a new record cannot be added manually, then stop and address any errors before continuing.
  2. Compare the required fields of the new Employee screen in Payroll against the Add New Employee screen in the HRIS to confirm that the HRIS is configured to have the same Required Fields as the Required Fields configured in Payroll. The HRIS may have more Required Fields, but at a minimum must have the same as Payroll.
  3. Compare the Required drop-down fields between the HRIS and Payroll Applications to ensure the list of valid values are the same. The Data Mapping help screen should be used to understand any data mappings that may take place between the HRIS and Payroll Application.
  4. Add a Test Employee through the HRIS and then compare the record against Payroll to ensure that the record was added and that the values saved to Payroll match the expected results.
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