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Millennium Configuration - Understanding Heartbeat Check

The EasyPay Integration feature allows for data to be saved directly from the HRIS to the Payroll Application. This feature is called "Real Time Data Synchronization". When this feature is enabled, a dependency on the WCF Service and Payroll Application is created. Therefore, it is important that the WCF Service and Payroll Application be available to the HRIS Application.

In order to minimize data loss between the HRIS and Payroll Application, the HRIS Application will perform a "Heartbeat Check" on the WCF Service on each screen within the HRIS that contains data that is mapped to the Payroll Application. If the Hearbeat Check fails, the save button within the HRIS will be disabled and a message will be displayed to the end user notifying them that data cannot be saved due to the Payroll Provider being offline.

When this message is displayed, the Payroll Service Bureau will be responsible for diagnosing and resolving the service issue. Once the Service is back online, the user may refresh the screen within the HRIS and the Save button will become enabled, allowing data to be saved to both the HRIS and the Payroll Application.

The connection to the WCF Service can be tested at anytime via the End Point Settings Tab of the Payroll Settings screen.


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