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Millennium EZSync Implementation Guide - Legacy Compensation Rates/Direct Deposit Records

This section is only applicable to clients that are migrating from the middleware sync to the new EZSync technology. Legacy compensation rates and direct deposits (those created and synced by the Middleware) are stored in a different location in the database than similar records created by EZSync. Therefore, there is an implementation step that requires the legacy compensation rates and direct deposits to be deleted from the HRIS. Failure to do so will result in "duplicate" records for these data types in which 1 of the records will not correctly sync to payroll.

Caution: EZSync must be turned OFF before performing this step. To turn off the sync, please select No Provider from the Payroll Provider list under Payroll Settings. Failure to turn off the sync could result in data being deleted from the Payroll system.

After turning off the sync, there are System Utilities to assist in the deletion of legacy compensation rates and direct deposits.

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