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Millennium EZSync Implementation Guide - Accruals/Leave Types - Accruals HRIS to M3

  1. Time Off Management must be set up with the same Time Off Types as in Payroll (name has to match)
  2. Accruals must be configured to sync from HRIS to Payroll. This can be done by going to Settings > Payroll > Settings > General Settings.
  3. Check “Accruals” and Select “HRIS”


  4. There are two ways Accruals sync from HRIS to Payroll:
    • On - Demand : When a record under the employee is altered (added - manually or by accrual process / adjusted / deleted) the balance syncs to Payroll.
    • Forecasting : If time off is set to accrue between the payroll processing date and the check date (in Payroll) , the nightly process will send the forecasted balance to payroll (current balance less any time off scheduled plus accruals during this timeframe).
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