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Millennium EZSync Implementation Guide - Utilities - Employee Level

Assuming all other implementation steps have been completed, employee data can now be loaded into the HRIS through the Load Employee Data from Payroll utility.

Even if the HRIS is mapped to multiple companies in Payroll, selecting the ALL filter will load employees from all companies in payroll (not just the Master Company).

Important: For an initial implementation of the sync, Employee Demographics must be loaded first. All subsequent employee data utilities can be run in any order.

Important: There are occasions, due to the size of data, where the load employee utilities will "time out." This means that after running for some time, the processing symbol will disappear to the user. While the processing symbol disappeared, data IS still being loaded into the HRIS database. It is essential that no other utilities are run until the previous utility completes. In this scenario, the user should reference the Web Services Integration category of the system Audit Log for confirmation that the "timed out" utility has completed. Failure to do this could result in sync issues.

Caution: If syncing benefits, please follow the instructions on the next Deductions page PRIOR to loading employee deductions into the HRIS.

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