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Adding a Review Form - Scoring

The Scoring tab allows users to assign numerical values to Competencies included on the Review Form. You may configure your scoring on the value system of your choice, as well as provide your own names for the scores. For example, you could have a score named “A” assigned a value of 4, as in a typical grade-point average scenario. Another example would be a score named “Outstanding” with a value of 100, a score named “Above Average” with a value of 90, etc., for use on a 100-point scale.

  • To add a scoring label, click Add Scoring;


  • Enter the name of the Scoring Label with a score; Example: Outstanding, 5 (Required)
    • Enter the numeric value for the score in the Score field.
    • Optional: Use the "Score Does Not Apply" checkbox when creating scoring for Reviews that are not scored. Example: Disciplinary forms
    • Enter a Description of the Label; Example: The Employee exhibits Outstanding performance in this Competency (Optional). The Description entered will be visible why completing the review by hovering on the next to the scoring label, in the Scoring Legend on the Competencies tab.
    • Enter a Display Order; Example: 1 if the Administrator would like the Scoring Label to display at the top of the list (Required)


  • Click Save.

Additional Actions

  • To edit a scoring label, click the name in the Label column.
  • To remove an existing scoring label, use the checkbox towards the right of an existing label, then use the Actions drop-down meun and click Delete Selected Records to remove Scoring Labels that will not be used on the Review Form or were created in error.
    • Scoring options cannot be deleted once they are used in a Review as it would result in data loss. This option can only be used when initially setting up the Scoring options.
  • To add a score label without a numeric value add a "0" to the "Score" box and check the box for "Score does not apply"
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