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Adding a Review Form - Scheduling

The Scheduling tab allows you to have reviews created automatically for employees according to a schedule of your choosing. The Scheduling feature will create all review forms for Reviews that have multiple reviewers, such as an Employee & Manager Review.


  • From the Actions drop-down menu, click Add Scheduling


  • Enter the following information:


    • Choose an Eligibility Rule from the dropdown box. This allows you to have the Review Form scheduled only for specific employees, e.g. ones in certain departments, positions, etc. (Required) Note: the default rule is All Employees.
    • In the Frequency dropdown menu, choose the option that matches your scheduling needs. The Frequency options are set and cannot be created by an administrator. See Frequency details below. (Required) Note: this determines the time of year the Review Form will be distributed.
      Frequency Additional Entry

      Annually on the specified Month and Day

      Enter Month and Day, e.g., January 1

      Annually on the Employee Hire Date

      No additional entry needed

      Annually on the Employee Alternate Service Date 1

      No additional entry needed

      The specified number of days following the Employee Hire Date

      Enter the number of Days

      The specified number of days following the Employee Alternate Service Date 1

      Enter the number of Days

    • Select a Workflow for the Frequency (Optional) Note: While it is optional to select a workflow, it should be selected. Employees and Managers will be alerted to complete their Review by using a workflow.
  • Click Save when finished.

Additional Information

  • To edit an existing schedule, click on the Frequency in the list. 
  • To delete a schedule, use the checkbox on the far right of a schedule, then from the Actions drop-down menu, click Delete Selected Record(s).
  • A Review Form can have multiple Frequencies associated with the Form.
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