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First Login with Multi-Factor Authentication and Open Enrollment

Getting Prepared

Before you try to sign in for the first time, make sure that you have:

  • Internet
  • Access to the email that you provided to HR.
  • An Android or iOS device with access to the internet if using Multi-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Logging In

    1. Check your email inbox and open the email with the subject “InfinityHR Account Verification” or “BirdDogHR Account Verification,” depending on which module was initially setup.
      • The email will come from either “” or “”


    2. Note the username given to you by the administrator.


    3. Click Verify Account.


    4. Create your password. The requirements for your password are:
      1. Minimum of 8 characters.
      2. One or more uppercase letter(s).
      3. One or more lowercase letter(s).
      4. One or more number(s) or special character(s).


    5. After you have created your password, you will be taken to an Account Verified page.


    6. You can click Sign In to go to the Arcoro Core HR login page or go to so you can sign in with your username and password.


Setting Up Multi-Factor Authentication

  1. After signing in, you will be prompted to set up multi-factor authentication for increased security when signing in to InfinityHR. If you do not already have an Authenticator installed, download the appropriate application onto your Android/iOS device. When ready, click Recovery Codes.


  2. You will be prompted with several recovery codes to use if you are unable to use your Authenticator app. Save these codes in a safe location(s). Click Configure Authenticator.


  3. With the Authenticator app on your phone, scan the QR code or enter the key below the QR code. If successful, you will receive a verification code. Enter the verification code into the appropriate field and click Verify.


  4. If successful, you will receive the below message. Return to to sign in.


  5. From this point forward when signing in to InfinityHR, you will be prompted to verify your identity by entering the code that has been generated on your Authenticator app after signing in with your username and password.


Begin Event

Click Begin Event under the Change Events section picture below:


Read Event Instructions and Accept Terms & Conditions

  1. Read the instructions, then click Save & Continue.


  2. Read the Acceptance, then click Save & Continue.


Update Personal Information

Review your personal information. Click Edit if you need to make any changes.


Add Dependents

Follow instructions to add dependents.

  • If you do NOT want dependent coverage, you may click Save & Continue.
  • If you want to see the premiums for spouse and dependent coverage, then you will need to add them as dependents. Click Add Dependent.  Enter their information, then click Save & Continue.


Select Benefits

Review the benefits available to you.

  • Click on each benefit to select or waive coverage.
  • You must click Save & Continue after each benefit item or you will not see the next benefit.


Assign Beneficiaries

You are required to add one or more beneficiaries or Beneficiary Trusts for those benefits that require assignment of beneficiaries

  • Click Add Beneficiary
  • Enter Beneficiary information
  • Click Save Beneficiary
  • Assign Primary and Secondary (if applicable) Beneficiary to each required benefit


Add Emergency Contacts

Add at least one emergency contact.  All dependents and beneficiaries add on previous screens will be listed.

  • Additional emergency contacts can be added by clicking Add Emergency Contact
  • Enter First and Last Name of Emergency Contact
  • Click Add Contact
  • Check box for each individual you would like to select as an Emergency Contact
  • For each record selected as an Emergency Contact, enter a Primary and Secondary phone number. If the individual does not have a secondary phone number, enter 0 in the Secondary Phone text box.
  • Click Save and Continue



Review Elections

Review your coverage:

  • Confirm all information (personal, dependents, elected coverages, beneficiary assignment, emergency contacts) displayed is correct.
  • If there is an issue, you can return to any previous tab to make corrections.
  • If it is all correct, click on Save & Confirm.


Save and Confirm Changes

The following confirmation box will appear upon completing the Review tab. 

  • Please read carefully.
  • Click Save and Confirm to confirm your changes.
  • Follow the instructions to print your confirmation


Congratulations! You have completed your Event! If you have any questions, please contact HR.


  • If you are interrupted during the process, simply return to the InfinityHR home page. You will see a link for to Begin/Continue Event under the Change Events section; it will take you to where you left off.
  • If you are enrolling at a location that does not have a printer, you may exit the process and login again at another location to print.
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