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Periodic Checklist for Using and Maintaining Core HR

We understand that with a flexible and robust system, one can be overwhelmed with what to do in the Core HR. To help with this, we have created a list of common items to periodically review and check.

While the checklist does not have a specific order for you to complete, some items may need to be completed before other steps, and items can be skipped or done more/less frequently, depending on your organization's needs. Each item also provides links to supplemental resources that may help you.

Bookmark this page so you can refer to it in the future and see what else we have recommended checking!


  • Review Alerts - Review your alerts that need to be processed.
  • Check Events Before Payroll - Review and check for any events before payroll that need to be approved and communicated:
    • Direct Deposit, insurance, address change, 401k change, tax update, etc.
    • PTO requests matched to your timekeeping system
    • Check for anyone who has moved up a tier in PTO calculations



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